The writing of Harry Potter & JK Rowling’s Edinburgh Tour

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Want to know all about the JK Rowling’s inspirations and see where the book came to life? Than this ultimate Harry Potter tour is for you. Harry Potter bubbled away in Rowling’s mind for years before she arrived in Edinburgh. She began Tolkein after placing pen to parchment. It all came from Rowling’s head, however, it came to a head in Edinburgh.  Hitting rock bottom Rowling forged her work ethic knocking back espressos in our Old Town cafes.  Rowling fell head over heels in love with the city and said the books would have likely been different if written anywhere else.

Unwrap the writing of Harry Potter on Edinburgh’s longest tour for fans – and those who can endure one.  Take in Rowling’s favourite writing cafes, delve into her mythological inspirations, unpack the revelations that enthused her and the traumas that moved her.  Experience how, through grit and failure, buoyed by friendship and love, JK Rowling left footprints upon the world.

The forests Rowling’s literary-enchantments have felled are without rival, this tour touches on what you can learn from JK’s journey, themes, ethics and writing strategies.  However Rowling’s writing touches fans’ hearts, so there’s also Potter-pilgrim traditions and wandwork, it’s sacred.  This tour covers a broad circuit of Edinburgh’s Old Town. It takes in cobbled streets, winding closes, our formidable castle, around every corner Potter-esque vistas open up.  Welcome home.


  • The full truth about Rowling’s meandering journey to complete
  • JK’s work ethic & life philosophies
  • National Museum of Scotland (when open)
  • Rowling & academia
  • Rowling’s community a tale of 2 cities
  • Vaguely magical with an insufferable baldy Warlock

Meeting Point

Created with Sketch. 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH1 3YY, UK


How long is the tour?
3 hours, however there may be overruns depending upon group speed & interests, so allow a maximum 3½ hours.
What is the walking distance?
2 miles/3.2 km & indecently hilly.
Is the tour accessible?
Unfortunately, due to hills and restricted pavement space it’s unsuitable for wheelchairs, while those with walking sticks often find it challenging.
Can we travel on broomstick?
After some Butter-brewed joy-brooming, most egregiously 2 broom sized holes through the side windows of a number 22 Lothian bus, The Ministry has banned their use beneath 2000 feet. Sore feet it is!
Is there a minimum age?
No, but preteens will find it easier to concentrate if they’ve read the books.
Will there be book spoilers?
Yes, spoilers galore. It’s unbelievable really. Sorry.
Can we tip you?
Gratuities are about as welcome as having Hermoine around when you’re doing coursework... Couldn’t be more welcome.


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